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This directory contains Dviljk, a modified version of
Gustaf Neumann's dvi2xx, a DVI-to-PCL translator.

This program does not work with DeskJet printers; instead, try
CTAN:/dviware/dvidjc or Nelson Beebe's drivers in CTAN:/dviware/beebe.
(See ../MIRROR for a list of CTAN hosts.)

See `INSTALL' for installation instructions.
See `NEWS' for major changes by release, `ChangeLog` for all changes.
See `README.fonts' for information on using the LaserJet 4 builtin fonts.
See `../kpathsea/BUGS' for details on reporting bugs and common problems.

Aside from configuration, this differs from the original primarily in
that it uses the same code for path searching as TeX and my other
distributions.  I haven't tested the non-Unix support present in the
original, or support for any device but the LJ4.  However, I'm told that
dviljk does work on MS-DOS/MS-Windows when compiled with either DJGPP
port of GNU C or with Microsoft Visual C compilers.  At least in the
DJGPP port, the LJ and LJ2P devices were reported to work.

dviljk is free software; Gustaf's original files are "open source",
according to  The files I wrote
are covered by the GNU General Public License -- see the files COPYING*.

You can get the original dvi2xx from



This CTAN source tree has been automatically extracted from the texk
Subversion repository at svn://

It is not possible to use the supplied configure script.
In fact, if you call it; you will be told as such.

This source can only be compiled in a texk build environment.
You will need to download the whole environment, please refer to

It all boils down to a Subversion checkout of
This will be the source tree that you can use for compilation. The
CTAN directory is there for archival and informational purpose.

For your convenience, the original configure script from the texk
source tree is available in this directory as configure.texk.

For the CTAN team,

    Joachim Schrod <>