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DVIWIN 2.9 is a screen and printer driver for TeX DVI files under Windows
3.1 and Windows NT. Its main features are:

  * Fast previewing (uses 386-specific code if it finds a 386/486)
  * Painless support for graphics in TeX documents
  * Uses any standard PK font files or FLI font libraries
  * Works with all displays and printers supported by Windows
  * Automatic generation of missing fonts
  * Support for color printers

New features include native 32-bit versions for Windows NT, selectable
measurement units, user-definable strings for easy adaptation to various
languages (the distribution contains strings for four different languages
apart from English), new graphics filters for GIF and XPM files, etc.
The required memory depends on the resolution that you use. It needs about
1.5M free RAM to print on a 300dpi printer without swapping.

The program will be shortly available in the directories
/tex-archive/dviware/dviwin or /tex-archive/systems/msdos/drivers
at the CTAN hosts (, and

The program is completely free for any individual or non-commercial
organization. Please contact me for any comments, suggestions, bug
reports, etc.

I hope that you find it useful,

Hippocrates Sendoukas