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The "Asana Math" OpenType font includes all mathematical symbols
included in the latest version of Unicode. It includes a MATH 
table, which is an extension to OpenType font technology, that 
makes it possible to select glyphs for stretchy operators in a 
not-so-font-specific manner. The font has been successfully tested 
with XeTeX 0.99992 and Word 2007/2010. It was constructed using 
glyphs from the pxfonts of Young Ryu while many symbols were designed 
by the author. The name  Asana (Ἀσάνα, Asána) is the name of the 
mythological goddess Athena in the Doric dialect. The font is 
finished (?), but it is quite possible that users may find bugs 
and/or problems. Anyone who will find a bug or a problem, should 
contact the author and report her findings. 

NOTE: Ideally, the font should be installed systemwide. However,  *
the .TTC file should be installed only in Windows systems and it  *
is provided for people using FireFox, Word, etc. In addition, the *
.TTC file should not be included in a standard TeX installation.  *
On Unix or Unix-like system, an administrtor can install either   *
the .otf or the .TTC file in her system.                          *

Apostolos Syropoulos
Xanthi, Greece
June 02, 2015