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adforn consists of:
1. the Ornements ADF font developed by Hirwen Harendel, Arkandis Digital
Foundry (ADF) and released under the terms set out in the files COPYING and
NOTICE in postscript type 1 format; 
2. (La)TeX support by Clea F. Rees released under the LPPL. All files covered
by the LPPL are listed in the file manifest.txt.

Information and resources concerning Ornements ADF, including an opentype
version of the font, and other ADF fonts can be found on the foundry's

(La)TeX Support

For details, please see adforn.pdf.

The (La)TeX support should be considered somewhat experimental. If you find
any problems, please let me know and I will try to correct them. If you can
send a fix, so much the better.

Contact Details

If you have comments about the font itself, please contact Hirwen Harendal
(harendalh <at> hotmail <dot> com). 

Clea F. Rees (ReesC21 <at> cardiff <dot> ac <dot> uk)


Version 1.1a corrects a bug **if** I've understood the problem correctly, which 
I'm far from convinced of. (All it does is add a pair of curly brackets in the

Version 1.1b includes the PDF documentation *and* the TFM. Apologies for the