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Version 1.0 of the AECC fonts

This is a set of virtual fonts building, from the standard Concrete fonts,
a set of almost T1 encoded fonts. The characters missing are mainly:
eth, thorn, and the sami letter eng. Sometimes the  character is
also missing. For the typewriter fonts, the situation is worse.

My idea with these fonts is that it should be possible to use the
Knuthian Concrete fonts to produce PS/PDF files even
when one needs hyphenation patterns other than English.
The package assumes that the underlying AE (Almost European Modern
Roman) fonts have been previously installed.

The package borrows the ideas and a large part of the implementation
from the AE package by Lars Engebretsen.

It would be nice to have a font containing the missing caracters, in
order to make the layout fully T1. By the way, the name AECC fonts was
chosen since the fonts are Almost European Concrete.

To use the fonts, simply \usepackage{aecc}.

To use bitmap versions of the characters missing in the ae fonts,

Denis Roegel has constructed a separate package, aeguill, to produce
guillemets built with the polish CMR fonts, WNCYR fonts, LASY fonts,
or EC fonts.

AECC.sty must be loaded last in order to substitute the underlying AE
virtual fonts in the roman typeface only.

Licensing terms

This work is distributed under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public
License, either version 1.3 or (at your option) any later version. Please
refer to the file COPYING for details.

Luis Rivera, <>, 2012-12-17.