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Package: arev
Maintainer: Stephen Hartke, lastname at gmail dot com

The package arev provides Type 1 fonts, virtual fonts and LaTeX
packages for using Arev Sans for both text and mathematics.  Arev Sans
is a derivative of Bitstream Vera Sans created by Tavmjong Bah by
adding support for Greek and Cyrillic characters. Bah also added a few
variant letters that are more appropriate for mathematics. The primary
purpose for using Arev Sans in LaTeX is presentations, particularly
when using a computer projector.  Arev Sans is quite readable for
presentations, with large x-height, "open letters," wide spacing, and
thick stems. The style is very similar to the SliTeX font lcmss, but

Arev Sans is used for all letters and letter-like symbols and
MathDesign bold math fonts for Bitstream Charter are used for most
geometric symbols.  Fourier-GUTenberg is used for blackboard bold,
Ralph Formal Script for script, and the AMS fonts for fraktur.
Bera Mono is used for typewriter text.

Arev Sans is released under the Bitstream Vera license.  All files
necessary to use Arev Sans with TeX were created by Stephen Hartke and
are released under the LaTeX Project Public License, with the
exception of ams-mdbch.sty, which is released under the GNU General
Public License.