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The Cochineal Font Package

Cochineal is a fork from the Crimson fonts (Roman, Italic, Bold, BoldItalic only) released under the OFL by Sebastian Kosch. These remarkable fonts are inspired by the famous oldstyle fonts in the garalde family (Garamond, Bembo) but, in the end, look more similar to Minion, though with smaller xheight and less plain in detail. The Crimson fonts on which these were based had roughly 4200 glyphs in the four styles mentioned above. Cochineal adds more than 1500 glyphs in those styles so that it is possible to make a TeX support collection that contains essentially all glyphs in all styles. Bringing the Semibold styles up the same level would have required adding about 2000 additional glyphs, which I could not even contemplate.

The fonts are provided in OpenType and PostScript formats. As with Crimson, they are released under SIL's OFL, details of which are spelled out in the file OFL.txt accompanying the package.

The TeX font metrics, font definition files and other support files for Cochineal,
i.e., the other files in the archive, may be distributed and/or modified
under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3 of
this license or (at your option) any later version.  The latest version of this
license is in and version 1.3 or later is
part of all distributions of LaTeX version 2003/12/01 or later. Those files and
LaTeX support file cochineal.sty are

  Copyright (c) 2016--2020 Michael Sharpe

Files provided "as is", with no warranties.

The support files are provided in encodings OT1, T1, TS1 and LY1 for users of Western scripts, LGR for Greek scripts and T2A and OT2 for Cyrillic scripts.

Current version: 1.065 (2020-12-19)

Changes in version 1.065
Modified uzcochmia.fd and related metric files to add proper scale factor.

Changes in version 1.064
Corrected my generating script, which had overwritten the newest versions of zcoch[b]mia.{tfm,vf} with older versions made using encodings that are no longer supplied.

Changes in version 1.063
1. Further modifications to the ts1 encoded fonts, simplifying the organization a bit.
2. Corrected the \textcircled macro so that it scales as expected.

Changes in version 1.062
1. Added close to 60 new glyphs so that TS1 coverage is now essentially full.
2. Added \textcircled and \textfrac macros.
3. Minor corrections to some glyph outlines in BoldItalic.

Changes in version 1.061
Changes to only the otf files---added i.TRK, i.TRKsc, correcting the Turkish localizations and adding f_j and f_f_j to the standard ligatures lookup.

Changes in version 1.060
1. Corrected two errors in the map file.
2. Added the most recent versions of the math italic and math upright virtual fonts, some of which were omitted from version 1.059.

Changes in version 1.059
Eight files were inadvertently not included in recent updates. This omission is now corrected.

Changes in version 1.058
The TS1 encoded fonts were revised so that about a dozen new glyphs were added, most importantly asteriskcentered, which is required if you use a third level of \itemize. See the documentation for the new fonttable. (Thanks Frank Mittelbach.)

Changes in version 1.057
Added missing map entries.

Changes in version 1.056
1. The math support files have been reworked to provide the ability to generate output satisfying the requirements of PDF/A-1b. 
2. At the same time, the math metrics were reworked. It appears that in regular weight, the accent positions had become detached from reality and required a complete overhaul.

Changes in version 1.055
Removed four duplicate entries in

Changes in version 1.054
Changes to the sty and fd files and to the relevant tfm files so that the theoremfont option now works correctly.

Changes in version 1.053
Small changes to spacing of accents in some Greek glyphs.

Changes in version 1.052
Changed all occurrences of \let\Cochineal@@swashQ\@empty in the fd files to \global\let\Cochineal@@swashQ\@empty to prevent problems that could occr if the fd file is loaded within a group. (Thanks Frank Mittelbach.)

Changes in version 1.051
1. Modified the handling of U+1E9E and related glyphs in the otf lookups to work better outside TeX.
2. Small changes to theorem fonts and to documentation.

Changes in version 1.050
1. Corrected code in a number of fd files that could led to source  being ignored. (Thanks to Frank Mittelbach who diagnosed the problem and suggested fixes.)
2. Corrected the theorem font which was missing glyphs Tcedilla and tcedilla.
3. Added U+1E9E, which may be used as capital germandbls, and a small caps version thereof. These are supplements to the existing symbol SS and its small caps version, and are available so far only via unicode processing.
4. Added a number of superior symbols, including comma, period, plus, hyphen, slash, exclam and numbersign.
5. Added an entry to smcp tables to make longs point to the small cap glyph

Changes in version 1.049
Corrected an error that resulted in a loss of f-ligatures in some encodings. (Thanks to DB Miller who reported this.)

Changes in version 1.048
1. Corrected some accents (esp., macron, tilde) in upright bold.
2. Corrected the TS1 encoded tfm files. They now work as intended.

Changes in version 1.047
Corrected spacing and kerning for upper-case Greek letters with diacritics.

Changes in version 1.046
Corrected the T2A encoded fonts which in the previous version lacked the necessary ligatures.

Changes in version 1.045
The changes made to the T2A encoded fonts in version 1.044 did not in fact end up in that version, thanks to an error in my generating script. They are now included.

Changes in version 1.044
1. Corrected the metadata for Cochineal-Bold. (Thanks to Ricardo Berlasso.)
2. Corrected the Cyrillic T2A encoded tfms, which now work as expected.

Changes in version 1.043
Modified the spacing of the math comma and period when using the option cochineal with newtxmath.

Changes in version 1.042
Modified the sty file so that Cochineal text figure styles are selected always in the \AtEndPreamble hook. (Formerly, using babel would prevent this.)

Changes in version 1.041
Added two entries to smcp table so that dotlessi and dotlessj map to correct small cap glyph.

Changes in version 1.04
Small modifications to sizes to provide better match across styles.

Changes in version 1.03:
1. Some modifications to a number of glyphs, spacing and kerning.
2. Added uni2016---required for some footnote macros.

Changes in version 1.02:
Modified the {OT1,T1,LY1}Cochineal-{OsF,LF,TLF,TOsF}.fd files so that the swashQ tests work correctly even when cochineal.sty is not loaded.

Changes in version 1.01:
Corrected lgr encodings to replace Delta and Omega with uni0394 and uni03A9 respectively.

Please send comments and bug reports or suggestions for improvement to

msharpe at ucsd dot edu