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% This file is public domain.
% Originally written 1998, Ivan A Derzhanski.
% Notice added by Clea F. Rees 2009/01/06.

eiad* -- IAD's Computer Modern Irish Family of Founts
Version 2 -- December 1998

The package contains the following files:

Leigh_me.txt   This file.     Driver file for caps and lowercase.     Driver file for caps and small caps.        Irish diacritics and macros.        Irish lowercase letters.        Irish uppercase letters.     Boldface 10pt.    Boldface extended 10pt.   Boldface extended italic 10pt.  Boldface extended slanted 10pt.  Concrete caps and small caps 10pt.    Concrete italic 10pt.    Concrete regular 10pt.   Caps and small caps 10pt.   Concrete slanted 10pt.   Concrete slanted condensed 9pt.  Dunhill 10pt.    Funny 10pt.    Funny italic 10pt.    Fibonacci 8pt.     Italic 10pt.   Italic typewriter 10pt.     Regular 10pt.     Regular 12pt.     Regular 17pt.    Slanted 10pt.  Slanted typewriter 10pt.    Sansserif 10pt.  Sansserif boldface extended 10pt.  Sansserif demibold condensed 10pt.   Sansserif slanted 10pt.    Sansserif quotation 8pt.   Sansserif quotation italic 8pt.  Typewriter caps and small caps 10pt.    Typewriter 10pt.   Variable typewriter 10pt.

OT1eiad.fd     Fount definitions for the regular family.
OT1eiadcc.fd   Fount definitions for the concrete family.
OT1eiadss.fd   Fount definitions for the sansserif family.
OT1eiadtt.fd   Fount definitions for the typewriter family.

   Four macaronic (English-Irish) poems intended to test how well
   the Irish founts and their Roman prototypes blend together.
   PostScript versions of the above.

In both lower and upper case 32 letters are defined (18 `plain' ones,
5 long vowels and 9 aspirated consonants).  The ligature `agus' is
also made available.  The remaining characters (digits, punctuation
and accents) are inherited from the Computer Modern family of founts.

Within TeX the accented Irish letters are accessible as ligatures, in
a manner consistent with the usage on Gaelic-L.  A vowel followed by
a slash yields a long vowel; a lowercase consonant followed by  h,
or an uppercase consonant followed by either  H  or  h, yields an
aspirated consonant.  (The latter only works with those consonants
which actually undergo aspiration; for such things as  n  with a dot
above, as found in some old texts, the standard TeXnique -- in this
case  \.n  preceded by  \def\.#1{\accent26#1} -- must be used.)
The ligature `agus' is accessed as  7`  (seven-backquote).

Most fount files consult the files from the Sauter distribution
for parameters, so you have to download and install them before
you can generate the founts.  Sauter is available from CTAN.

Note that the *.fd files sometimes mention founts which are not
in the distribution.  Making at least some of those should be a
fairly straightforward task, but feel free to contact me for
assistance if you need it.

Please send comments, complaints, compliments and postcards to:

Ivan A Derzhanski  <>
cplx Iztok  bl 91
1113 Sofia