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This package, derived from Daniel Benjamin Miller's XETBook, which is in turn derived from ETBook, a font commissioned by Edward Tufte for use in his own books,
provides a version of Bembo in otf and pfb formats plus LaTeX font support files. As ETBook is licensed under the MIT license, so are the font files in this package. See the LICENSE file in the doc folder for details of the MIT license. All other support files are subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See
for the details of that license. Note that Bembo is a name trademarked by Monotype, hence the strange name for this package, drawn from the Berry id for the Bembo font family.

Current version: 1.001 2020-02-17

Changes in version 1.001
Changed the package name from ETbb to etbb, though the font names and the map file name continue to use ETbb.

Please send comments and bug reports or suggestions for improvement to

msharpe at ucsd dot edu