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Feyn: a Metafont for Feynman diagrams

Version 0.3.3.

This package is intended to produce relatively simple Feynman diagrams, for 
example within equations.

This package differs from Thorsten Ohl's feynmf/feynmp package.
FeynMP works by creating Metafont or MetaPost figures using a
preprocessor.  It's more general than this package, but is at its best
when creating relatively large diagrams, for figures.  In contrast,
the present system consists of a carefully-designed font with which
you can easily write simple diagrams, within equations or within text,
in a size matching the surrounding text size.

The propagators and vertices which are implemented are those which
seem to appear most often in non-figure displays (the practical
definition of `appear most often' is `which I wanted' and `which people
asked me for').  I have no current plans to extend the package
further, but I'm willing add other features if you can make a case for
them, and they fit within the package's remit of 'diagrams for use in

The package is on CTAN, and is included in TeXLive but not, as far as
I'm aware, teTeX.  The arXiv started using TeXLive 2008 in summer
2008 (I understand), so it should be available there from that date.

There is further documentation, plus numerous examples, in the package
documentation (feyn.pdf).

See the package's home page on the web:


Extract the package file from the distribution file using `latex
feyn.ins'.  The resulting `feyn.sty' should be installed in the usual
location for style files -- that is, something like
`texmf.local/tex/latex/feyn.sty'.  The Metafont source files `*.mf'
should be installed in a directory with a location such as
`texmf.local/fonts/source/feyn/' (on a system which has the command,
`kpsepath mf' will indicate the possibilities here, but these
typically include the current directory).  That should be all you need
to do as regards the installation of the fonts -- if your TeX setup is
installed correctly, then the usual font-generation commands (such as
`mktexpk' for example) should work as normal, and they should be
invoked by default when you LaTeX the feyn.dtx file.

You should be able to find generic instructions for installing LaTeX files at


This software is copyright, 1991, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2008, Norman Gray.  It is
released under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.  See the
copyright declaration at the top of file feyn.dtx, and the file
LICENCE for the licence conditions.

Norman Gray, <>