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Hi there - Stayka is here!                                  1993/05/02

Here I forward you the Metafont source for the anglofriesic futhorc
alphabet with corrected spacing between the letters.  They are as good
as Shavana and I managed to design them.  I include the parameter files
and the files to compile 10pt, 20pt, 30pt, 40pt and 50pt runes, which
should cover almost every case. 

This font should be used with LaTeX and the old font selection scheme,
as I haven't created a font family and so on for it yet.  Who wants to
use AmS-LaTeX or the new font selection scheme has to put a little more
work in it. 

I didn't encounter any problems compiling this font with Metafont (with 
plain bases, not the computer modern ones), and I hope you don't either.  

Email: (Micaela "Stayka" Pantke)
Snailmail: Micaela "Stayka Pantke
           Westhoffstrasse 111
           46149 Oberhausen