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          Ibycus4, version 4.5 as of 2004-10-27
                 Pierre MacKay <mackay at>
                     Walter Schmidt <w-a-schmidt at>

Ibycus4 is a Greek typeface, based on Silvio Levy's
realization of a classic Didot cut of Greek type from around
1800.  It is accompanied by a set of macro packages to use
it with Plain TeX or LaTeX 2e.

See the file NEWS for a summary of the latest changes.

The below installation instructions assume a TDS-compliant
TeX system, in particular teTeX or MikTeX.  The directory
name "texmf" refers to the root directory of a TDS directory
tree.  In case your TeX systems has more than one directory
tree, its documentation should tell you where to install new

In case you have installed a previous release of the Ibycus4
system, delete

* the directory 

* the file 

* and the files
  texmf/fonts/type1/public/ibycushtg-regular.pfb (or .pfa)
before installing the new release.

To install Ibycus 4, v4.5, 

  * Copy the everything from the directories doc, fonts and 
  tex of the distribution to the corresponding directories 
  texmf/doc, texmf/fonts and texmf/tex of your TeX system.

  * Update the file name data base of your TeX system (if

  * Add the information from the font mapping file
  texmf/fonts/map/dvips/ibycus4/ to the configuration
  of dvips, pdfTeX and related programs.  
  See the documentation of your TeX system for the details.
  In particular, your TeX system may expect map files in a
  different directory such as texmf/dvips/config; move to that directory, if necessary.
  Make sure that there is no further file named ""
  from a previous Ibycus version around!

Finally read the text file README, which should have been
installed in the directory texmf/doc/generic/ibycus4/ of the
TDS directory tree.  It describes the usage of the Ibycus4


 Copyright (c) 1992--2004 Pierre A. MacKay 

See the file COPYING (GNU General Public License) for
license conditions.  As a special exception, permission is
granted to include the font programs fibr84.pfb and
fibb84.pfb in a Postscript or PDF document that contains
text to be displayed or printed using these fonts,
regardless of the conditions or license applying to the
document itself.

== finis