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This is the README for the imfellFlowers package, 
version (2019-10-11).

This package provides two IM Fell Flower opentype fonts, as
revived by Igino Marini:

They are available under an "almost free" licence:

You can use them freely but:

a) If you want to use them in publications on any kind of media 
   you have to put in the following quote as a note: 

   The Fell Types are digitally reproduced by Igino Marini,
   and let the designer know where you used it.

b) You can't modify the fonts and their content (including outlines, 
   kerning and other data as well).

c) You can distribute them freely with license aside but not sell 
   it in any way.

Any other different use has to be authorized by the designer 
(Igino Marini - -

The maintainer of this package is Bob Tennent 
(rdt at