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Inria fonts

version: 1.0 (January 2019)
author:  Nicolas Markey <>
foundry: Black[Foundry] (
license: SIL Open Font License   (see license-SIL-OFL.txt for details)
	 LaTeX Project Public License

Inria is  a free  font designed by  Black[Foundry] for  Inria research
institute. The  font is available for  free.  It comes Serif  and Sans
Serif, each with 3 weights and matching italics.

Using these  fonts with  XĂÄLATEX and  LuaLATEX is  easy, by  using the
fontspec package;  we refer to the documentation  of fontspec for more
information. The  present package  provides a way  of using  them with
LaTeX and  pdfLaTeX: it provides  two style files,  InriaSerif.sty and
InriaSans.sty, together with  the postscript version of  the fonts and
their associated files. These were created using autoinst.

To  install  on  a  TDS-compliant   TEX  system,  first  download  the file  from CTAN, and  unzip it  at the root  of the
texmf  tree  where  you  want  to install  the  font.  Then  add  maps and  to updmap, and update  the font maps
and list of files.

The original fonts are available in OpenType format at
These fonts (as well as their Type1 version) are distributed under the
SIL Open  Font License  v1.10.  The support  files were  created using
autoinst, and are distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License.