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librisadf consists of:
1. the Libris ADF Std fonts developed by Hirwen Harendel, Arkandis Digital
Foundry (ADF) and released under the terms set out in the files COPYING and
NOTICE.txt in postscript type 1 format;
2. (La)TeX support by Clea F. Rees released under the LPPL. All files covered
by the LPPL are listed in the file manifest.txt.

Information and resources concerning Libris ADF, including opentype versions
of the fonts, and other ADF fonts can be found on the foundry's homepage:

(La)TeX Support

For details, please see librisadf.pdf.

The (La)TeX support uses modified T1 encodings. The regular version reassigns
certain slots which would otherwise be empty due to missing glyphs. The
"swash" version reassigns additional slots so that certain glyphs are not
accessible when the swash variant is active even though they are provided by
the font. To access these glyphs, ensure that the regular version of the font
is active. For details of the modifications, see comments in t1-libris.etx and
t1-librisswash.etx. For a full list of the reassigned slots and of the
characters normally available in T1 but not in these encodings, see

The (La)TeX support requires nfssext-cfr.sty. This file is available from

To use the fonts in a LaTeX document, add
to your preamble. This will set the default sans-serif family to Libris ADF
Std. To use this as the default font, add the line
to your preamble.

To use the "swash" variant which provides some alternative characters and
additional ligatures, use
to set this as default until further notice or
to typeset just the text "Hello!" in this style.

The (La)TeX support should be considered somewhat experimental. If you find
any problems, please let me know and I will try to correct them. If you can
send a fix, so much the better.

Contact Details

If you have comments about the fonts themselves, please contact Hirwen
Harendal (harendalh <at> hotmail <dot> com). 

Clea F. Rees (cfrees <at> imapmail <dot> org)