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The logix package.

This is the README for the logix package, version 2020-05-24 v1.06.

This package provides supplemental symbols for use in logic and mathematics
which are largely not present in Unicode. Some symbols are in Unicode but
are included because they are variants that may look better in some 
applications. Logic tends not to have the complex layouts that is common for 
more general mathematics, but has different requirements for readability.
This font is intended to supplement, but not replace the AMS STIX2 fonts. 
However, it may used with any mathematical font since it does not replace or 
redefine any symbols. This package also provides an environment for drawing
knots using the \Knt drawing symbols and three environments for Hilbert style
logic definitions and theorems.

This is an OpenType font where all of the symbols (more than 4,000) other than 
the ASCII codepage are in the private use area. As such, the package requires
XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. Not all of those symbols are directly exported, since
there are many variants present for possible future use. While only the 
OpenType font file is usable for LaTeX, the .ttf, .woff, .woff2 and .eot font
files are also supplied in this distribution.

Other than many miscellaneous symbols, there are a large number of arrows, 
geometrical symbols, Knot drawing symbols, 70 stretchy delimiters plus a
stretchy binding bar, of which 62 are fully stretchable. The remaining 8 are
stretchy up to 5 times the original size. Some of the delimiters are present
in Unicode, but their design in STIX2 does not work as well for logic. In
particular, STIX2 delimiters tend to not extend as far below the baseline
and above the baseline as would be desirable. Also, some STIX2 delimiters
take more horizontal space than is necessary.

There are twenty one scripts, each of which (except for the two Greek scripts) 
have matching numeric, lower case and upper case glyphs. All symbols in this 
font are designed to be compatible with the STIX2 mathematical font by AMS.
Some of these scripts overlap the Unicode math scripts, but are not intended 
to be replacements for those. Unicode does not include everything for a specific
script -- digits or lower case may be missing, or even individual letters 
(although that may have changed). That is an issue when using a script for 
variable naming.  Some script variants are omitted. Many of those variants are 
useful in logic. The scripts included are sans serif, slab serif, normal serif 
(each of these has upright, italic, bold and bold italic versions) as well as 
a calligraphic font (italic and bold), blackboard, fraktur (upright and bold),
monospace, monospace italic with normal serif, and Greek (upright and italic).


   The logix font is licensed under the Open Font License, version 1.1 or 

   The font contains modified serif alphanumeric and Greek symbols from the 
   STIX2 fonts, Copyright © 2001-2016 by the STI Pub Companies (OFL license 
   1.1), modified slab serif alphanumeric symbols from the Zilla Slab fonts, 
   Copyright © 2017 The Mozilla Foundation (OFL license 1.1) and modified sans 
   serif alphanumeric symbols from the Clear Sans font, Copyright © 2012 Intel 
   Corporation (Apache License 2.0).

   The OFL license can be found at:

   The Apache license can be found at:

   This file, the documentation and the logix.sty file are distributed and/or 
   modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either 
   version 1.3 of this license or (at your option) any later version. The 
   latest version of this license can be found at:
   and version 1.3c or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version
   2005-12-01 or later.
This work has the LPPL maintenance status `maintained'.

The Current Maintainer of this work is Michael Lee Finney who can be reached 

This work consists of the files CHANGELOG, README, logix.sty, logix.tex, logix.pdf, 
logix.otf, logix.ttf, logix.woff, logix.woff2, logix.eot and logix.vfc.

To use this package, add


it has no options. If the array package is used, it must be loaded prior to the
logix package due to a conflict between the array package and the arydshln
package. The public interface is defined in logix.sty and documented in logix.pdf.
For example:

   \usepackage{array}            % Only if required, must load before logix.
   \usepackage{logix}            % Load logix font for supplemental symbols.

   \setmainfont{STIX Two Text}   % AMS STIX2 used for main font.
   \setmathfont{STIX Two Math}   % AMS STIX2 used for math font.

This distribution also contains logix.vfc, which is the master font file used to
derive the actual font files. It is not needed for LaTeX usage, but is provided
should I become unable to maintain the package, and it is picked up by another
maintainer. This is a FontLab (currently version 7.0.1) source file.

As briefly mentioned above, the various web font files (.eot, .ttf, .woff and
.woff2) are provided so that any user who wishes to use the font on a web page
does not need to convert font files.

Users can report bugs or request support at
which is an email address devoted exclusively to my interaction with CTAN. 
There are no web pages, URLs, repositories etc. that the user can access.

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