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fonts/mflogo --- Metafont and MetaPost logo fonts.

Copyright (C) 1979--99 Donald E. Knuth

CTAN distribution compiled by Ulrik Vieth


Unless otherwise stated, all files in the subdirectory `mf'
are official sources of the Metafont and MetaPost `logo' fonts.
They are distributed under the terms of the file README.KNUTH
which says:

  [These files] ... are master files for TeX and METAFONT,
  maintained personally by Donald E. Knuth.  Nobody else is
  authorized to make any changes whatever to them!  If you
  modify the files for any purpose, you must give your files
  a different name, so that installations of TeX throughout
  the world will be 100% compatible when they use the
  official source files.

Some unofficial additions to the `logo' fonts are distributed
under the terms of LaTeX Project Public License as described
in the relevant files.


This directory and its subdirectories are part of the `mflogo'
package for LaTeX(2e) that provides access to the Metafont and
MetaPost `logo' fonts designed by Donald E. Knuth.

This directory appears on CTAN archives in two different places:


Whatever it may be, this directory contains two subdirectories
`mf' and `tfm' that hold the Metafont sources and font metrics
of the Metafont and MetaPost `logo' fonts.

To access the `logo' fonts in LaTeX(2e), you may wish to consult
the `mflogo' package in CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/supported.


- If you have a TDS-compatible TeX installation, you may try to
  use the enclosed `Makefile' by calling:

    make install

- For manual installation, copy the contents of the subdirectories
  `mf' and `tfm' to TEXMF/fonts/{source,tfm}/public/mflogo or
  wherever else your installation keeps .mf sources and .tfm files.

Happy TeXing!