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Missaali is a package that contains the free OpenType/PS Textura font
Missaali and a style file for using it with XeLaTeX.

Textura is a typeface based on the textus quadratus form of the
textualis formata that late medieval scribes used for the most
valuable manuscripts. The font Missaali is based on Textura that
Bartholomew Ghotan used to print missals and psalters in the 1480s.
The letters were scanned and recreated from a facsimile reprint of
Missale Aboense that Ghotan printed for the Turku diocese in 1488.

The font has two intended use cases:

* as a Gothic display font; and

* for emulating late-medieval manuscripts.

Textura as a typeface is not suitable for use as a modern general text
font as its letterforms are far removed from typical fonts. Missaali
recreates the late medieval character set including a large number of
abbreviation sigla but it lacks many characters that are essential for
modern typesetting. This means that it can be reasonably used only as
a display font or for recreating medieval manuscripts.

As modern typesetting algorithms are not intended for creating 15th
century style layout, the package contains a XeLaTeX style file that
makes it easier to achieve the classic incunabula look.

This font is distributed under the SIL Open Font License. The
documentation is distributed under the Latex Project Public License