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$Id: README,v 1.2 2020/01/28 19:17:03 karl Exp $
This is the distribution.  This Metafont file defines all known
modes, and some useful macros.  In TeX Live, it is compiled into the
default mf.base.

The source contains extensive comments about usage, defining new modes
(still welcome), and more.

modedpicheck - a little script to ensure correct dpi setting for all
  modes, as arithmetic must be used for large values.
  (See the check target in ./GNUmakefile for running this and more.)
modelist.txt - list of all modes, with long name included.
modenames.txt - just the mode names.
GNUmakefile - support various development activities.

Originally created decades ago.  Released to the public domain.

Compiler and maintainer: Karl Berry <>
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Home page: