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OCR-B outline fonts (Type1 and OpenType), 6 Jan 2010
Z. Wagner,

This package contains Type1 and OpenType versions of OCR-B fonts.
The METAFONT sources were developed by:

     Norbert Schwarz
     Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
     Postfach 10 21 48
     D-4630 Bochum 1
     West Germany

     EARN:  P920021@DBORUB01

The license of the outline fonts is the same as for the original fonts,
i.e. you may freely use, modify, and/or distribute any of these files,
without limitation.

It is necesary to stress that TeX needs metric files in addition to the
Type1 files. The metric files are not included in this package. The PFB
files will therefore be useless without the original OCR-B package.

The METAFONT sources were first processed by mftrace using potrace
as a vectorizer. A few years later the resulting Type1 files were 
manually converted to OpenType by fontforge. The SFD files are also

The conversion was done just automatically, the results were not carefully
examined. The result is decent if used in design size. The fonts might
be unusable in larger sizes.

It might be useful to combine all OTF files into a single font with several
optical sizes.