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This package contains LaTeX support for the fonts PT Sans, PT Serif and
PT Mono developed by ParaType for the project "Public Types of Russian
Federation", and released under an open user license.

The fonts are included in the original TrueType format and in the Type 1
format kindly provided by ParaType (it has afm, pfb, pfm and inf files).

The package supports the OT1, T1, IL2, TS1, OT2, T2* and X2 encodings.

PT Sans has four basic styles, two narrow styles and two caption styles.
PT Serif has four basic styles and two caption styles. PT Mono has
just the regular and bold styles.

The fonts (both TrueType and Type 1) are licensed under the Paratype Free
Font License (the license is included). All the support files are released
under the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3 of this license
or (at your option) any later version. The files released under the LaTeX
Project Public License are listed in manifest.txt.