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This is a copy of the fonts which URW has made available under the GNU
General Public License, installed with fontinst 1.6 for use with LaTeX2e.
The afm and pfa files have been taken from CTAN/fonts/urw/ and included
in this bundle. It provides the following fonts:


in upright, slanted, small caps and slanted small caps versions (with a
little cheating, however), in OT1, T1, 8r and OT4 encodings.

NimbusRomanNo9L-Regular and NimbusSansL-Regular are close to Adobe Times
Roman and Adobe Helvetica, respectively. The most interesting is
URWGroteskT-Bold which, being extremely bold, is useful for decorative
work, titling etc.


Assuming your TeX conforms with the TDS:

1) move the three tfm directories from ./tfm/ to $TEXMF/fonts/tfm/urw/
2) move the three vf directories from ./vf/ to $TEXMF/fonts/vf/urw/
3) move the three afm directories from ./afm/ to $TEXMF/fonts/afm/urw/
4) move the three pfa directories from ./pfa/ to $TEXMF/fonts/type1/urw/
5) move the *.fd and *.sty files from ./latex2e/ to $TEXMF/tex/latex/urw/
6) add the contents of ./fontname/ to $TEXMF/fontname/
7) add the contents of ./dvips/ to $TEXMF/dvips/misc/
8) texhash

In case you don't use the (local) OT4 encoding, you may delete all the files:
*8p.vf, *8p.tfm and ot4*.fd.


The package urw.sty provides the following font declarations and commands:

\antiquafamily		\textantiqua{ }
\grotesqfamily		\textgrotesq{ }
\nimbusfamily		\textnimbus{ }
\nimbussffamily		\textnimbussf{ }

which activate the desired font families. Antiqua, nimbus and nimbussf
are available only in medium (m) series, grotesq --- only in bold (b) series.
The available shapes are:

\upshape	regular
\itshape	actually a slanted (oblique) shape
\scshape	small caps
\slshape	slanted small caps

Additionally there are three styles: antiqua.sty, grotesq.sty and
nimbus.sty (the last one for both regular and sans serif fonts) that
(attempt to) replace the default roman (and sans serif in case of
nimbus.sty) font families with the new ones. Since only the small number
of series/shape combinations are available, they are not very useful,

Please send all the comments regarding the generated virtual fonts to
ToMasz Wierzbicki <>.