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The ScholaX Font Package

ScholaX is made up of text fonts based on TeXGyreSchola, extended to include a quite full set of superior latters and figures and a set of inferior figures. The italic face has been enhanced wth upright punctuation glyphs so that a special theorem font can be made available. Math support is available via newtxmath using one of two options: option "nc" (for New Century [Schoolbook]) uses the newtx Greek alphabets, while option "ncf" uses Greek math alphabets derived from those in the Fourier package. The additions to TeXGyreSchola, named TeXGyreScholaX, and the revisions/additions to the Fourier Greek alphabets are copyright (c) 2019 by Michael Sharpe. The first release was dated 2019-12-30.

The licence of fourier-GUTenberg is LPPL (Latex Public
Project Licence) and the licence for TeXGyre fonts is equivalent to the LPPL, so this package is released under the LPPL. 

Current version: 1.021 2020-01-04

Changes in version 1.021
Some more corrections to

Changes in version 1.02
1. Corrected entries. (Thanks Marcel Krueger.)
2. Simplified code and documentation for theoremfont under various theorem packages.
3. Small documentation fixes.

Changes in version 1.01
Corrected theoremfont code in scholax.sty and modified documentation accordingly.

Please sent bug reports, comments and suggestions to msharpe at ucsd dot edu.