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% Copyright (C) 1998-2008 Vit ZYKA,
% version 2.0 (OpenType, Type1, metafont)
% encoding: ec (Cork,T1)

The SIL Open Font License (ofl)
This font is copyright but you are granted a license which gives you,
the "user" of the font, legal permission to copy, distribute,
and/or modify the font. However, if you modify the font you must
change the name of the font, unless you have the copyright holder's
permission to do otherwise.

Please check the font's license before using the software.

Distribution directory structure:
  opentype   OpenType font format
  type1      Type 1 PostScript format
  doc        examples
  metafont   metafont sources (font version 1.0)
  metatype1  metatype1 sources (font version 2.0)
  support    TeX support files (tfm,enc,map,plain,LaTeX,ConTeXt)

TeX Directory Structure (TDS) compliant:

SEMAF Font family (15 variants):

  Base shape (simple pillar)
    smfr10	regular
    smfb10	bold
    smfsl10	slanted
    smfbsl10	bold slanted
    smftt10	nonproportional
  Empty shape (no pillar)
    smfer10	regular
    smfeb10	bold
    smfesl10	slanted
    smfebsl10	bold slanted
    smfett10	nonproportional
  Person shape (person pillar)
    smfpr10	regular
    smfpb10	bold
    smfpsl10	slanted
    smfpbsl10	bold slanted
    smfptt10	nonproportional