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Using Monotype Berling with Latex

This package contains everything you need (apart from
the fonts themselves) to use Monotype Berling in your
Latex documents.

The Truetype version of Monotype Berling contains a 
larger character set than earlier (Postscript) versions 
of the same font, including Greek and oldstyle figures. 

It is available as part of Microsoft's free e-book reader 
this will install these fonts in your system's fonts 
folder, typically C:\Windows\fonts\).


Using these fonts in your Latex documents is as easy as 


somewhere in the preamble of your document (but note 
that they should be used with Pdftex, not with normal
Tex; most dvi-drivers don't support Truetype fonts).

The package `berling' takes two possible options:

- lining    Use lining figures
- oldstyle  Use oldstyle figures (this is the default).

The fonts are only available in T1 and TS1 encodings; 
the `berling' package automatically sets up these 
encodings for you by including the `fontenc' and 
`textcomp' packages.
The obsolete OT1 encoding, which unfortunately is still
Latex's default, is not supported.


encodings  family  series  shape(s)
T1, TS1    mbrx    m, b    n, it
T1, TS1    mbrj    m, b    n, it

The TS1-encoded fonts are incomplete; many symbols in this
encoding are specific to the Computer Modern fonts. The
euro symbol (\texteuro), however, is available.