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The Metafont Implementation of the Universal font
Version 2.0, 98/08/01
by Christian Holm

This is the universal package containing my implementation of Herbert
Bayers `universal' font in Metafont, with LaTeX2e support.

To install the package do:

1. Make sure you have created the following directories:
Where <TeX-base> is the root of you TeX installation. The most common
values of <TeX-base> is
     /usr/local/lib/texmf (teTeX on Unix-like systems)
     C:\EMTEX             (emTeX on DOS-like systems)
but could also be something like:
     /home/johndoe/lib/texmf  (user installation on Unix-like systems)
     D:\Program Files\TeX     (Some wierd Windows95 installation)

2. Put the files `uni.ins' and `uni.dtx' in some temporary directory.

3. Do
    latex uni.ins
3.1 If you `docstrip' program is setup correctly, that is,
`docstrip.cfg' exists and contains the line
then all files will be put in the right directories, and you need to
do nothing more.
3.2 If no `docstrip.cfg' is present on the system, then you need to
move the files your self. You should move the files as specified
    *.mf       => <TeX-base>/fonts/source/public/universa/
    *.fd       => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
    uni.sty    => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
    unidoc.sty => <TeX-base>/doc/latex/universa/
    copyright  => <TeX-base>/doc/latex/universa/

4. In any case you need to move the files below as specified below:
    uni.dtx    => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
    uni.ins    => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
    README     => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
so that you can produce the documentation. You can ofcourse compress
those file to save disk space.

5. If you are using some TeX distribution that has a database (that is
proberly the case if your TeX distribution uses `kpathsea'), you
should update that database.

6. To produce the documentation go to the directory where you put
`uni.doc', i.e., <TeX-base>/doc/latex/universa/, and do
     latex uni.dtx
     latex uni.dtx
     makeindex -s gind -o uni.ind uni.idx
     makeindex -s gglo -o uni.gls uni.glo
     latex uni.dtx
     latex uni.dtx
This should leave you with a file `uni.dvi'. You can remove the files 
     uni.idx uni.glo uni.log uni.aux uni.toc uni.ilg
You may need to substitute `makeindex' with what is relevant for your
system, e.g., `makeindx' in emTeX.

I hope you will enjoy this package. I can be reached at 
    Normal Mail:
      Christian Holm
      Sankt Hansgade 23, 1. th
      DK-2200 Copenhagen N
Please read the file `copyright' in the documantation directory, for
the copyright notice.