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This is the README for the classico package, version

This package provides LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX
support for four URW Classico fonts, which are revisions by
Hermann Zapf for the URW++ foundry of his Optima fonts.

To install this package on a TDS-compliant
TeX system, download the file
"tex-archive"/install/fonts/ where the
preferred URL for "tex-archive" is
Unzip the archive at the root of an appropriate texmf tree,
likely a personal or local tree. If necessary, update the
file-name database (e.g., texhash). Update the font-map
files by enabling the Map file

To use, add


to the preamble of your document. This will activate
Classico as the sans-serif text font. The command


will also work (for compatibility with legacy documents).

To activate Classico as the main text font, use




Options scaled=<number> or scale=<number> may be used with
the classico package to scale the fonts.

The only figure style is proportional-lining.

Font encodings supported are OT1, T1, LY1 and TS1. Earlier
versions of this package supported artificial small-caps for
OT1 and T1 encodings; this has been incorporated.

LuaLaTeX and xeLaTeX users who might prefer type1 fonts or
who wish to avoid fontspec may use the type1 option.

Command \classico allows for localized use of Classico.

The URW Classico fonts are 

  Copyright (c) 2000 and 2013 by (URW)++ Design & Development 

The original TrueType fonts were obtained from

Distribution and modification of these fonts are allowed
subject to the Aladdin Free Public License which is
available here:

and has also been included in the archive as


This license allows modification and *non-commercial*       
distribution of the fonts, but not distribution in a        
commercial product.                                         

URW++ has corrected the original fonts and added many
accented glyphs. These corrected and extended fonts are
included in this package with their permission.

The support files were created using autoinst and
otftotfm version 2.101, and are licensed under the terms of
the LaTeX Project Public License. The maintainer of this
package is Bob Tennent (rdt at