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These are font bundles for the Japanese Wadalab fonts which work with
the CJK package.

All subfonts now have glyph names compliant to the Adobe Glyph List,
making ToUnicode CMaps in PDF documents (created automatically by
dvipdfmx) work correctly.

All font bundles now contain virtual Unicode subfonts.

This package was uploaded to CTAN by Werner Lemberg.

License, according to

You can use/modify/distribute this font as long as:

  1) add a note which explains that the distributed fonts
     are derived from wadalab fonts which is distributed

  2) if the redistribution is the modified one from the original
     font archives, then provide some documentations which explain
     the changes/modifications from the original font archives.

These conditions are to inform users about where they
can get the most updated font from, because we plan
to update it.

If you find the badly designed glyphs, or wrong kanji
characters, please contact at