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This package contains the pfb and afm files resulting from the conversion from metafont of Roland Waldi's update of the wasy symbol fonts to version 2.5, adding several new glyphs and correcting others. (The conversion used mftrace, potrace and fontforge.) Glyphs that were unchanged since the last such conversion in 1998 by Taco Hoekwater were copied from his pfb files. A corresponding map file is also provided.

Author: Michael Sharpe: msharpe at ucsd dot edu
Version 001.002, 01-24-2020
Licence: Following Roland Waldi and Taco Hoekwater, these fonts are declared simply  to be in the public domain.
Copyright (c): Roland Waldi (1990--2020), Taco Hoekwater (1998), Michael Sharpe (2019--2020)