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On Tuesday 05 Feb 2002, Walter Schmidt ( has
posted a message on comp.text.tex about a freely downloadable
PostScript Type-1 font containing various types of ornaments.

The URL is, and
contains the following lines:

        Galapagos Design Group is pleased to make available to the
        Internet community free downloads of original typefaces and
        Our first offering is a tasty border and ornament font called
        Web-O-Mints.  Created by George Ryan, Web-O-Mints contains a
        rich assortment of typographic decorations inspired by
        historical sources.
        The Web-O-Mints font is available in TrueType or PostScript
        format, for use on PCs or Macs.  Web-O-Mints can be downloaded
        and used immediately in all environments.  We hope you enjoy
        using this original collection of images.

This collection includes all the files needed to use this font in
LaTeX and three small LaTeX examples.

                        Installation instructions

N.B.: I assume a more-or-less standard TeX file tree; the root of tree
      may be "texmf", as in the following example, or "temf.local", as
      in my own setup; and is located under the "share" directory of
      my teTeX installation ($TETEXDIR/share).  YOUR SETUP MAY BE
      DIFFERENT.  If you have a teTeX-like installation, you may need
      to rebuild the file database, running (as root) "texhash"; for
      different distributions, consult their documentation.

1) Copy WebOMintsGD.tfm to the directory texmf/fonts/tfm/public/misc
2) Copy WebOMintsGD.pfb to the directory texmf/fonts/type1/public/misc
3) Copy uwebo.fd to the directory texmf/tex/latex/misc
4) If you are using dvips or pdfTeX, copy and config.webo to
   the directory texmf/dvips/config.  Add the contents of
   permanently to the font map or call dvips with the option -Pwebo .
5) If you are using VTeX/Free, copy webo.ali to the directory
   texmf/vtex/config; add an entry for webo.ali to the Type1 section
   of the configuration files and,

In order to typeset the examples on Unix, you can simply use the
included Makefile: just type "make samples".  Otherwise run the files
manually through LaTeX.  They require the fancyhdr package; in
addition, the Makefile calls dvips with the option -Pcmz, so the
configuration file config.cmz should be available on your system.

The supplied .fd file declares a font family named "webo" with the
encoding being "U" for the Web-O-Mints font.  Take a look at the
source code of the examples to see how it can be used.


********* news ********* news *********** news ******** news *********

Important changes have been introduced with the current release of this
package; these changes were performed by the same Walter Schmidt who
first named in comp.text.tex these fonts.

The files webo8r.tfm, webo8t.tfm and webo8t.vf were replaced with one
single file WebOMintsGD.tfm, since the Web-O-Mints font is no longer
reencoded.  The font map file has changed accordingly.

Within LaTeX, the font family "webo" is now declared with the encoding
"U" instead of "T1".  Thus, the new font definition file uwebo.fd
replaces the former t1webo.fd.

In case you have installed a previous release, please update your TeX 
system accordingly.


2019/07/06 1.1c Frank Mittelbach

Minor update to uwebo.fd also supporting U/webo/m/n

Author: Maurizio Loreti

Address (no longer current):
Univ. of Padova, Dept. of Physics - Padova, Italy