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The optional patches to flex-2.5.31 and bison-2.0a in this directory fix a
number of problems with warning and/or error messages generated by strict

A modified version of dvipdf that accepts common dvips options is included.

The file gcc3.3.2curses.patch can be used to patch the broken curses.h header
files (or a local copy thereof in the current directory) on some AIX and
IRIX systems.

The file gc6.8_AIX.patch fixes an incorrect Boehm garbage collector
prototype in the file gc6.8/include/gc.h (version 6.8).

The file gc-7.0nomem.patch avoids segmentation faults with gc-7.0 on
out-of-memory errors.

The file cygwin_freeglut-3.0.0.patch fixes undefined symbols when compiling the
freeglut library statically under cygwin.

The file fixmem.reg patches the Microsoft Windows registry so that the
cygwin1.dll library can allocate more than 384MB. It is applied
automatically by the Asymptote setup.exe file but may also be applied manually:
regedit /s fixmem.reg

The file gl-matrix-2.4.0-pruned.patch is used to build the required subset of
the gl-matrix library.