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Awesome Boxes is all about drawing admonition blocks around text to
inform or alert your readers about something particular. The specific
aim of this package is to use FontAwesome¹ icons to ease the
illustration of these blocks.

This means all the magic of this package only exists if you previously
installed FontAwesome on your system and made it available for use with
XeTeX. Yes, this package requires you to use XeLaTeX too.

The idea of admonition blocks comes from the ones you can easily do with

We use the previous work of Honza Ustohal on fontawesome.sty³ to build
this package. However, we made two important modifications:

 1. we rename the internal commands of fontawesome.sty from \fa to
    \abIcon and the \FA font switch to \ABFamily to avoid collision if
    you want to use both of them;
 2. we remove most of the provided icons to only kept the one we really
    use in this package.

For more details, please refer to the awesomebox.pdf document.


* Requirements

 - a working XeLaTeX environment
 - the ifxetex, ifluatex, xltxtra, xcolor and tabularx LaTeX packages
 - FontAwesome (

* Installation

Download the awesomebox.sty file and put it in the same folder of the
document your are composing.

For system wide installation, please refer to the documentation of your
XeLaTeX distribution.

* License

Awesome Box is released under the WTFPL
( A copy of this license is
distributed in this package.