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README for fig2eng 0.4, Mon 27 June 1994.
Author:  Geoffrey Tobin.
Address:  Department of Electronic Engineering,
          La Trobe University,
          Bundoora VIC 3083,


fig2eng is a program for converting Fig 2.1 graphics language files
into understandable English.

Current version:  0.4  Mon 27 June 1994.

Manifest:  three (3) files:

   97  Jun 27 21:37  Makefile    A make file for the "cc" C compiler.
 1008  Jun 27 22:47  README      This introductory file.
29636  Jun 27 21:29  fig2eng.c   (Traditional and ANSI) C source for fig2eng.


    fig2eng  [infile] [... infile] [> outfile]

If an "infile" is "-", then standard input is read.
The English outfile goes to standard output.
Messages, such as this, go to standard error.

Typical use of fig2eng is:

    fig2eng your.fig > your.eng

Impressions and advice concerning fig2eng are welcome.

Best wishes!
Geoffrey Tobin