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README for fig2mfpic 0.24 alpha version, Thu 16 June 1994.
Author:  Geoffrey Tobin.
Address:  Department of Electronic Engineering,
          La Trobe University,
          Bundoora VIC 3083,


fig2mfpic is a program for converting Fig 2.1 graphics language into
an approximate equivalent in MFpic.  MFpic is a set of TeX and METAFONT
macros for drawings.

Current version:

fig2mfpic 0.24 alpha is designed for mfpic.tex version 0.2.5 (as at CTAN)
and graphbase 0.2 fig 2a.  The graphbase ( of mfpic 0.2.5 does
NOT work with fig2mfpic.

Manifest:  eight (8) files:

  296  Jun 10 22:34  Makefile      A make file for the "cc" C compiler.
 2896  Jun 16 13:35  README        This introductory file.
  386  Jun 15 20:03  TODO          What I'd like fig2mfpic to do, in future.
52714  Jun 16 13:30  fig2mfpic.c   ANSI/traditional C source for fig2mfpic.
23444  Jun 16 13:33  Modified, version 0.2 fig 2a.
11511  Oct 12  1993  mfpic.tex     mfpic.tex 0.2.5, from mfpic distribution.
 2233  Jun  2 22:42  tidied.fig    Sample Fig file, every major Fig object type.
 2689  Jun  1 22:08  various.fig   Like tidied.fig, plus unknown object types.


After making fig2mfpic, if you type just the command `fig2mfpic', as:


then fig2mfpic will issue a usage summary to stderr, as follows:

usage:  fig2mfpic  [infile] [... infile] [> outfile]
    [-?]    Help request
    [-d]    List input file, with line numbers
    [-code=<integer>]    First character's code : not effective
    [-pen=<real>]    Default pen width (pt)
    [-u=<none>]    Output unit name
    [-xscale=<real>]    X unit (in output units)
    [-yscale=<real>]    Y unit (in output units)
    [-xneg=<real>]    Most negative X value (X units)
    [-xpos=<real>]    Most positive X value (X units)
    [-yneg=<real>]    Most negative Y value (Y units)
    [-ypos=<real>]    Most positive Y value (Y units)
    [-top=<real>]    Top of drawing (Y units)
    [-mf=<string>]    Output METAFONT file
    [-tex=<string>]    mfpic TeX drawing macros file
    [-log=<string>]    fig2mfpic log file
If an "infile" is "-", then standard input is read.
The mfpic TeX drawing file goes to standard output.
Messages, such as this, go to standard error.

Typical use of fig2mfpic is exemplified by:

    fig2mfpic various.fig > various.tex

Error messages are recorded in the log file, which is called
`fig2mfpic.log' unless you give it another name by the -log= option.
If there are no error messages, then the log file has a size of zero
bytes (at least on unix).

Impressions and advice are of course welcome.

Best wishes!
Geoffrey Tobin