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Nicola L.C. Talbot (

Jpgfdraw Home page:


Jpgfdraw is a graphics application written in Java.

You can use Jpgfdraw to:

* Construct shapes using lines, moves and cubic Bezier segments.

* Edit shapes by changing the defining control points.

* Add symmetry to shapes.

* Convert shapes into patterns (rotational, scaled, spiral)

* Incorporate text and bitmap images (for annotation and 
background effects).

* Display text along a shape.

* Extract the parameters for TeX's \parshape command
and for \shapepar (defined in the shapepar package).

* Construct frames for use with the flowfram package.

* Pictures can be saved in Jpgfdraw's native binary format (JDR)
or native ascii format (AJR) or can be exported as:

   - a pgfpicture environment for use in LaTeX documents with the
     pgf package

   - a LaTeX2e package based on the flowfram package

   - an encapsulated postscript file

   - a PNG image file

   - SVG image file

* Alternative text can be specified to use when exporting to a
  LaTeX file (e.g. if the text contains symbols or if it should
  be set in maths mode).

* Mappings can be used to specify what LaTeX font declarations 
  should be used when exporting to a LaTeX file.

Uploading from Versions prior to 0.5b

Please note that earlier versions didn't correctly render some
text areas, so images created in earlier versions may appear
slightly different when you upgrade.


Jdrview is a Java application for viewing JDR or AJR files.
It is primarily intended as a convenient way of viewing images
created when developing applications that create JDR or AJR files.

(The JDR and AJR formats are documented in jpgfdraw-*.pdf)


Jdrutils is a suite of command line applications for converting
to or from AJR or JDR files. This consists of:

ajr2jdr	: AJR to JDR converter
ajr2tex	: AJR to TeX converter (creates pgfpicture environment)
eps2jdr	: EPS to JDR converter (still experimental)
jdr2ajr	: JDR to AJR converter
jdr2eps	: JDR to EPS converter
jdr2png	: JDR to PNG converter
jdr2svg	: JDR to SVG converter
jdr2tex	: JDR to TeX converter (creates pgfpicture environment)

There currently isn't a command line tool to convert AJR/JDR files
to a LaTeX package based on the flowfram package. This can only
be done via Jpgfdraw's export tool.

See the documentation for further details.


The J2SE Runtime environment version 6 (JRE 6). This can be downloaded from:



* Run the installer jpgfdraw-<version>-setup.exe


1. Unzip jpgfdraw-<version>.zip to required location, e.g.

  unzip -d /usr/share

2. Add the bin sub-directory to your path, e.g.

  setenv PATH $PATH:/usr/share/jpgfdraw-0.5.6b/bin


Example files are contained in the examples directory.  Some of
the examples contain links to bitmaps. Since all links are stored
as absolute paths, they will not be found.  You will be prompted
for a new location. You can either select the png file from its
new location, or you can discard the link.


This material is subject to the GNU General Public License. 
See the file LICENSE for details (in the doc directory).

The jh.jar package is part of JavaHelp,
see for details of that