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MetaPlot is a set of Metapost macros for manipulating pre-generated
plots (and similar objects), and formatting them for inclusion in
a Metapost figure.  The intent is that the plots can be generated
by some outside program, in an abstract manner that does not require
making decisions about on-page sizing and layout, and then they can
be imported into MetaPlot and arranged using the full capabilities
of Metapost.  Metaplot also includes a very flexible set of macros
for generating plot axes, which may be useful in other contexts as

Presently, MetaPlot is in something of a pre-release beta state; it
is quite functional, but the syntax of the commands are still 
potentially in flux.  Bug reports and other suggestions would be
most welcome!

The documentation currently consists of a preprint of a paper on
MetaPlot given at Practical TeX 2004, as metaplot_preprint.pdf.

A set of examples of MetaPlot usage are also given in the /examples
directory; these currently consist of the figures for the afore-
mentioned paper, along with the various C++ programs and support 
files needed to produce them.


Version 0.9    Initial CTAN release.
Version 0.91   Bugfix (bounding box of plots set to 0.0-1.0)

License information:

Metaplot is distributed under the conditions of the LaTeX Project
Public License, either version 1.3 of this license or (at your
option) any later version.  This work has the LPPL maintenance
status "author-maintained".

The examples in the examples directory are also released under the
LPPL, except as noted in the files themselves.  In particular, the
files comprising the MetaContour program are instead released under
the Gnu Public License (GPL).


Metaplot is written by Brooks Moses.  Bug reports, feature requests,
and any other suggestions should be directed to