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% File: README
% A part of mfpic 1.10 2012/11/13

MFpic defines a command group \mfpic...\endmfpic (optionally in LaTeX
an environment, mfpic) and drawing commands to be used inside this group.
When TeX (or LaTeX) is run on a file containing those commands, a
MetaPost (or Metafont) source file is created. When that file is correctly
processed by MetaPost (or Metafont), and LaTeX or TeX is run again, the
result is a figure in the TeX document at the location of each

See install.txt for installation instructions. See mfpguide.pdf for a
short tutorial. See below for a summary of features added since the
previous major release (1.0). See the manual mfpic-doc.pdf for more
detailed instructions and descriptions of features.

This is mfpic version 1.10

All files of the core mfpic distribution (listed below) may be
distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project
Public License, either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option)
any later version. The latest version of this license is

and version 1.3c or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version
2008/12/01 or later.

While every effort has been made to make mfpic useful, it comes with no
warranty, expressed or implied.

Here is a list, plus explanation of purpose, of all files in the mfpic
distribution. Read it *before* trying to process any of the example
files. These files constitute the mfpic distribution to which the LPPL

The six files marked with "+" below are the only ones essential to using
all the facilities of mfpic. The three files marked with "*" below are
sufficient to generate those essential files.

All the *.tex files in the doc directory (except the plain TeX file
mfpcard.tex) require the LaTeX style file mfpdoc.sty. The mfpic manual
is mfpic-doc.pdf. A tutorial is available in mfpguide.pdf.

The directory names given below are subdirectories of graphics/mfpic/ in
your nearest CTAN mirror (go to

Source files (in source/):
*mfpic.dtx      Contains mfpic.sty and mfpic.tex
*grafbase.dtx   Contains, and
*mfpic.ins      The unpacking script: run tex or latex on it. It reads
                in mfpic.dtx and grafbase.dtx and produces the six
                required run-time files (marked "+" below)

TeX/LaTeX code (in tex/):
+mfpic.tex      Basic TeX/LaTeX code
+mfpic.sty      LaTeX2e wrapper for mfpic.tex
+mfpicdef.tex   Input file used by metapost for TeX labels

MetaPost/Metafont code (in metapost/ and metafont/):
----------------------    MetaPost macros supporting mfpic    Color definitions for MetaPost, needed by    Metafont macos supporting mfpic

Documentation (in doc/):
 changes.txt    Summary of 20+ years of changes
 install.txt    Basic information on installation
 README         This file.
 mfpguide.pdf   Tutorial (usletter paper size)
 mfpic-doc.pdf  Manual   (usletter paper size)
 mfpcard.pdf    Reference card (two sides of usletter, landscape).
 mfpdoc.sty     LaTeX style used by the next two
 mfpguide.tex   LaTeX source for mfpguide.pdf, requires mfpdoc.sty and
                the mfpic package.
 mfpic-doc.tex  LaTeX source for mfpic-doc.pdf, requires mfpdoc.sty.
 coil.mps       Figure included in mfpic-doc.tex
 mfpcard.tex    reference card source, should fit on two sides of
                either USletter or A4, rotated. Plain TeX.  makeindex style file for mfpic-doc.tex

Examples (in doc/examples/):
 pictures.tex   Example pictures. Produces Plain TeX
 lapictures.tex Same examples. Produces same LaTeX
 data.dat       Sample data file used by above two
 forfun.tex     Examples of \mfsrc. Produces Plain TeX

This distribution, any new updates, and some past versions, should also be
available at my web site:

NEW FEATURES since Version 1.0

 -- bugfix in \vectorfield. (1.01)

 -- Work-around for some not-so-nice behavior of verbatimtex in some
    versions of MetaPost. (1.02)

 -- Bugfix in grafbase handling of color. (1.03)

 -- Bugfix in \mfresolution and \mfmode. (1.04)

 -- Changes to avoid namespace clashes in some internal macros. (1.05)

 -- Differential equation plotters \DEgraph and \DEtrajectory added. (1.06)

 -- Remove mfppatch.tex (which has never been used). (1.06)

 -- Added file mfpicdef.tex for metapost labels. (1.07)

 -- Added \quarterellipse, \halfellipse and \fullellipse. (1.07)

 -- Added \gbrace for large braces in pictures. (1.07)

 -- Added \hypergeodesic for certain (technical) circular arcs. (1.07)

 -- Added \browniangraph and \randomwalk (1.07)

 -- Added \gradient, \radialgradient and \areagradient (1.08)

 -- Added \interpolatepath. Added \reversepath (= \reverse) (1.10)

Dan Luecking  (luecking at uark dot edu)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701-1201