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File name:	readme.txt
Author: 	Ioannis Dimakos and Dimitrios Filippou
Date:	   	Nov. 30, 2015

This file contains a brief description of the files in this
directory, which are all related to the document "Twenty-five Years of
Greek TeXing". The document was prepared by Ioannis Dimakos and
Dimitrios Filippou. It was previously published in Eutypon, no. 32-33
(2014), pp. 25-34.

File    		Description

greekinfo3.tex 	 	TeX file. It can be compiled by LaTeX or
			XeLaTeX (there are instructions in the 
			beginning of the file.
greekinfo3.pdf		The above file in Portable Document Format.
gr-font-samples.pdf	File in Portable Document Format needed by
readme.txt 		This file.
copyrite.txt 		The copyright file. -- Please, read before
  			you pass around this package.