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% (C) Lars Madsen,, 2012/04/11
% This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
% See 
% for the details of that license.

The main idea behind this document is to demonstrate various either
contributed or inspired chapter styles for the memoir class.

If you have style you would like to contribute a style/implementation,
please send it with a minimal example to
and I will include it into this document.

Memoir Chapter style Showcase -- README

The showcase source consists of one single file that includes
everything needed to compile the document.


MemoirChapStyles.tex  -- source code
MemoirChapStyles.pdf  -- compiled showcase
README                -- this document 


1.7e  Added two new chapter styles, verly and hansen
1.7b  An automatec build seems to have cropped a bit too much in 
      the TiKz example, fixed
1.7   Back in sync with the current memoir. Also added a TiKz based 
      style found online.
1.6   Added the jenor style, and prepared for a CTAN release.
1.5   A new mempatch version has been released including several new
      chapter styles, this document has been changed acordingly.
      You can use this as a preview for these styles.
1.4c: Added demo2 from the comming new version of Memoir Addendum, and
      also added the the daleif3 style
1.4b: Sample text bugfix, a missing \par after \fancybreak affects
      the spacing after \chapter*
1.4:  Added the EQ style inspired by a mail from Erik Quaeghebeur
1.3:  Added the reparticle, southall and chappell styles from the
      memoir addendum. Thanks to David Chadd for reminding me. 

How to compile this showcase document:


A fairly new LaTeX installation

pdfcrop (comes at least with TeX Live 2009)
pdftops (available through TeX Live 2009)
perl    (see later)

To compile:

Run the document once through latex or pdflatex.
This will create

and a lot of


Now run (you might need to change the permissions on

  ./ -f MemoirChapStyles.styles

This will process all of the *-style files mentioned in MemoirChapStyles.styles.
It will run

  pdflatex XXX-style.tex
  pdfcrop XXX-style.pdf tmp.pdf
  mv tmp.pdf XXX-style.pdf
  pdftops -eps XXX-style.pdf

(plus a little extra for the EQ style)

The reason for going over pdflatex, pdfcrop, pdftops is that dvips is
not good at creating correct bounding boxes for files that contain
postscript effects, pdfcrop does a much better job.

Then run latex or pdflatex on MemoirChapStyles.tex a few times to get all
references up to date.