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LaTeX on the Amiga - Old-School

This is a guide to the installation of the LaTeX distribution Amiweb2c in the version 2.1 on an emulated Amiga 4000 computer running Workbench 3.1. Furthermore the installation of a LaTeX server for calling LaTeX from an editor is given and some tips on the installation of new fonts are detailed.

This work is the result of of many a nights tinkering by an amateur who had to make it up as he went along. It cannot claim in any way to be authorative or complete and is written in the hope that it will help fellow nostalgians embarked on a similar quest.

No copyright infringement or monetary gain is intended and if implementing any of the commands given in this guide breaks your system or leads to loss of data or gives you a are on your own.

This package consists of the file Amiweb2cGuide.pdf and its source file amiweb2c-guide.tex exported from the original .lyx-file. The file amiweb2c-guide.dvi has been obtained from the .tex-file by compiling it with Amiweb2c-TeX on an emulated Amiga.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License 1.3c. The latest version of this license is in and version 1.2 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version 1999/12/01 or later.

Torsten Finnberg