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This work is a collection of files that demonstrate 
simple things that are possible with the flexible 
and under-appreciated docstrip file format.

It is intended as a companion to Scott Pakin's
excellent and influential "dtxtut" example of producing
LaTeX packages in this way.

This work consists of the following files:


A `meta-example' showing how multiple .dtx files can be
documented in a single file. Read the .pdf version of this
file first. 


This is an example of both the .sty and .ins
files being extracted from the .dtx file. This
allows maintenance of a single source file
but still produces a "standard-behaviour" .dtx/.ins
pair for upload to CTAN.


This example shows how code can be extracted in different
contexts. For example, debug code in a package can be
included in the source .dtx file but be automatically
stripped out for the public release version of the package.


This example demonstrates how source code may
be written and documented in a different logical 
order than in which it is required to execute.

This can be useful, for example, when default 
values are provided at the very stage of the package 
loading, but you wish to describe them first in the 
main body of the (non-technical) documentation.

Maintained by Will Robertson, 2007.
Please send comments and suggestions (entire examples very
welcome!) to me at the typeset string of:
  \zap@space wspr \number`\Q \char64 gmail \char46 com {}

Distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License, version
1.3c or higher (your choice).