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         README for the `latexfileinfo-pkgs' package 
       Comparison of packages showing LaTeX file infos
                  (C) Uwe Lueck 2012/05/15

This "package" in the first instance provides a file 


to be viewed by a web browser. It is an HTML list and comparison 
of CTAN packages displaying LaTeX source file informations 
according to the commands \ProvidesClass, \ProvidesFile, 
and \ProvidesPackage that LaTeX files should start with. 
The document especially describes five packages of my own, 
including interrelations and dependencies, and thus extends 
their documentations. Among packages from different authors 
mentioned or described as well are 

 * `latexfileversion' and `ltxfileinfo' (rather) 
    for single files, as well as

 * `classlist' and `dateiliste' for listing inputted files.

Support of revision control systems is mentioned briefly.

The .htm has been generated with extensions of `blog.sty' from
the `morehype' bundle that are not on CTAN today, hopefully soon

For v0.2b, the method for generating the .htm and `SrcFILEs.txt'
has been refined, see docsrc/ in the CTAN directory or 
source/tex/latexfileinfo-pkgs/ in TDS. They are generated from 
the same source and use `nicefilelist.sty'. Encoding problems 
with umlauts are expected to be solved.

When file `latexfileinfo_pkgs.RLS' is installed in TEXMF/tex/, 
you can access a release summary by some of the packages 
described in the .htm file, e.g., 

    latexfileversion latexfileinfo_pkgs.RLS

Generalizing this ([PKG].RLS) may be helpful for managing 
multi-package bundles (such as [PKG]) or when code versions of
a package (such as [PKG]) are distinguished from documentation 
versions. Using the `myfilist' package, you can then generate 
lists of states of bundles ...


The files can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms 
of the LaTeX Project Public License; either version 1.3c of the 
License, or any later version, see

We did our best to help you, but there is NO WARRANTY.

The `latexfileinfo-pkgs' package is author-maintained in the sense 
of this license.

The latest public version of the package is available at

A TDS version of the package is available as

Please report mistakes, missing packages, and other suggestions via