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What is't? (the collection of pwt.*** files)            %June, 1996

Publishing with TeX (pwt for short)
is the user's guide which comes with BLUe's format system.

How to process the PWT user's guide? (also available on NTG's 4AllTeX CD-ROM and 
------------------------------------                    TUG/ukTuG/GUTenberg Tex-alive CD-ROM)

Copy Blue's format files
(blue.tex, fmt.dat, tools.dat, pic.dat) 
in addition to the PWT files you wish.

pwt.scr is the root script which invokes all the other chapters:    Introduction
   pwt.txt    Text
   pwt.mat    Mathematics    Tables
   pwt.grf    Graphics
   pwt.ref    References
   pwt.ind    Indexing
   pwt.cus    Customization
   pwt.aft    Afterthoughts
   pwt.fmt    Appendix: formats
   pwt.tls    Appendix: Tools
   pwt.sur    Appendix: Survey (of related material)
   pwt.his    Appendix: History of changes
   pwt.tot    Appendix: Table of Tags
   pwt.obs    Appendix: Obsolete items 

A preview or print can be obtained after

   tex pwt.scr

(Each chapter can be processed independently such as
for example. (close  after prompt with \end or \pasteupindex\sortindex\end).)
Contents BLUe's format system (also available on NTG's 4AllTeX CD-ROM and 
-----------------------------                    TUG/ukTuG/GUTenberg Tex-alive CD-ROM)

The files are: blue.tex                      (format)
               fmt.dat                       (variant formats)
               tools.dat                     (tools like indexing)
               address.dat, lit.dat, pic.dat (databases addresses, literature, pictures)
Its user's guide is called Publishing with TeX.
TeX nical aspects have been explained in the Paradigm series.

Articles in the Paradigm series

Paradigms: Headache?
Paradigms: Plain's item extended
Paradigms: Two-part macros
Paradigms: Parameterization I  Options
Paradigms: Winds and halfwinds---Details matter 
Paradigms: It's all in the game             
Paradigms: Loops 
Paradigms: Searching (in BLUe)                 
Paradigms: Sorting (in TeX)
Paradigms: Just a little bit of PostScript (with a few .eps files)                  

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