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These manuals were written by Dr David Wilkins (,
in the School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin.

They may be freely copied and modified,
providing due acknowledgement to the author is retained.

There are 4 documents: short and long manuals for TeX and LaTeX.
All are written in LaTeX.

To print the long LaTeX manual (for example), give the command

% latex lalong

The others are processed by substituting
"plshort", "pllong", or "lashort" for "lalong".


1. These manuals were originally written for non-NFSS LaTeX
but have been modified to "compile" under NFSS LaTeX.
I have tried to ensure that they still compile
under non-NFSS LaTeX,
but unfortunately have no way of testing this.
Please let me know if there is any problem.

2. If you want to specify A4 paper size,
comment in the \documentstyle[a4,12pt]...
lines at the start of lalong.tex, lashort.tex, 
pllong.tex and plshort.tex,
and comment out the following line in each case.

Timothy Murphy <>