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Welcome to CJK version 4.8.4 (18-Apr-2015), a LaTeX2e macro package which
enables the use of CJK scripts (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) in various
encodings, written by Werner Lemberg <>.

A mailing list exists at; to subscribe, send a mail
with the subject `subscribe' (without the quotes) to  A web interface can be found at

If you are interested in the process of development you may observe;a=summary

to see the commitments to the git repository of the CJK package, and which
also provides snapshots.

The home site of the CJK package is

Additionally, the latest non-development version can be found on all CTAN
hosts and its mirrors in the directory <CTAN>/language/chinese.

The package comes in two parts:

    cjk-4.8.4.tar.gz:       The source files. Needed for all platforms.
    cjk-4.8.4-doc.tar.gz:   Preformatted documentation files: DVI, PS,
                            output from cjk-enc.el, etc.

Note that on CTAN and its mirrors, the `src' archive is unpacked; you must
thus get all files and subdirectories from language/chinese/CJK/.

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