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LaTeX package to typeset documents in Church Slavonic language (also known as Church Slavic
and Old Church Slavonic), ISO 639-1 code "cu". Includes hyphenation patterns,
fonts, polyglossia driver, and supporting macros.

Only Unicode input encoding is supported. This package requires use of a modern TeX engine that supports
Unicode, such as XeTeX or LuaTeX.


v0.2.1  2016.12.18 - gloss file included in CTAN package
v0.2    2016.10.23 - new macrocommands and docs
v0.1    2016.05.10 - first draft release


	tlmgr install churchslavonic


tlmgr handles dependencies transparently and required packages will be automatically pulled in - no need to do
anything else.

The following information is only needed if you do not use tlmgr and install churchslavonic package by directly
downloading it from CTAN.


* hyphen-churchslavonic
* fonts-churchslavonic
* intcalc
* etoolbox
* xcolor


For bug reports and support questions, please use GitHub issue tracker:

GitHub url

Authors and maintainers

Mike Kroutikov <>.
Aleksandr Andreev <>.