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EBONG VER 1.0 (Free : Public Domain software)
EBONG is a preprocessor that writes bangtex files from a
file in "Rapid Roman Bangla" format. 

bangtex, developed by Palas Baran PAl is the LaTeX way of generating 
crisp bengali text (Read Publication Quality PDF) from a tex source.

EBONG, written by Shibaji Banerjee (hopefullY) makes the task 
easier (It is more linear and easier to remember, even after a really
long break) 

[How it works]: The comamnd xyz.b 

Will produce xyz.tex. This xyz.tex file can be texified normally, if you 
already have the bangtex package in your TeX setup. If you do not already 
have it, you may obtain it from

To preprocess the userguide, use eb.b 

in ebong/doc. Alternately you can just read the PS / PDF files / eb.pdf 

[Usage Notes] 
In MS you can just use 
				ebong eb.b

In *nix you can rename the file to ebong and do a chmod +x ebong  
to achive the same effect.
[Files] 		 : The application
README.txt		 : Read this first 	
doc\eb.pdf		 : Userguide 	
doc\		 : ditto	
doc\src\eb.b		 : EBONG Source of the userguide
doc\src\eb_tex.tex       : LaTeX Source of the userguide, converted using EBONG 

Platform : Any platform that can make LaTeX and Python work.
A working TeX setup like MikTeX or TeTeX
python > 2.3 (lesser will probably do) 

Shibaji Banerjee (
Physics Dept. 
St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, India