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GeoTeX georgian language support for TeX/LaTeX(
Package is in beta stage.

Text input-- utf-8.

Font encodings: proposed T8M and T8K agree with latex T

2015 May:
Fixed t8menc.dfu (wrong mapping for old georgian gliph iota)
Changed location of file (texlive2013 was unable to find it in main texmf tree )
Updated documentation.
2014 June:
Fixed t8kenc.dfu glyph "small khucuri c"
For ols georgian input under X visit
2014 April  updates/fixes and remaining problems:
1. Fixed tt fonts  missing glyphs.
2. TextUppercase , TexTLowercase still don't work
3. Hypenation works for XeLatex/Lualatex/pdflatex/latex see hyph-utf8 package.
4. No cmap file. so search in pdf document generated with
  pdf latex not possible. But with latex-dvips-ps->pdf searching works
5. Babel support files see package Babel-georgian. This package works for
pdflatex as well as lualatex