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This directory contains eight files plus this README, licensed all but one under lppl 1.3:

	The source file, version 2.4. When processed under the program
	mkpatter ---by typing 'tex -ini -8bit glpatter.tex' (without the quotes) 
	on the command line, provided you have the utility 
	mkpattern installed--- it generates the file glhyph.tex.

	The generated file containing the patterns.

glhyextr.tex:	##This file is in the public domain##
	A configuration file, to include additional patterns other
	than the ones in glpatter.tex. It is \input by glpatter.tex.

glhybiox.tex, glhymed.tex, glhyquim.tex, glhytec.tex & glhyxeog.tex:
	Files with aditional patterns drawn from serveral fields of
	the language, so that you may input them from glhyextr.tex.

The files for specific patterns are very incomplete and feedback is welcome.

--Javier A. M˙gica