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README for littex

* What is it?

Lithuanian language support package for TeX.


- Lithuanian adds for Babel:
- Lithuanian TeX fonts for URW family
    map, enc, fd, tfm

- extra code page definitions for inputenc:
    cp772, cp774, cp775, cpKBL, cpRIM

* Instalation (based on teTeX 3.0 and TDS 1.1)

1. Copy texmf stuff from archive to TEXMFLOCAL.
   (You can find TEXMFLOCAL location by using kpsewhich:
    kpsewhich -expand-var='$TEXMFLOCAL').
   Run mktexlsr.

2. Manage map files: 

   * updmap --enable Map $TEXMFLOCAL/fonts/map/dvips/lt/ 
     (for current user) 
   * updmap-sys --enable Map $TEXMFLOCAL/fonts/map/dvips/lt/ 
     (for all users)
Enjoy Lithuanian TeXing!

6 December 2017
Sigitas Tolu\v{s}is